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Why do you do this?

Because we LOVE IT! Its awesome and produces breath taking results. We think you will love it too!

What is a drone?

A drone also known as a multicopter is like a helicopter but has several rotor blades to produce lift. There are Octocopters with eight rotors, Hexacopters with six rotors, Quadcopters with four rotors, and Tricopters with three rotors. There are also helicopters with one rotor but we have mostly transitioned away from helicopters since mulitcopters offer a more stable platform. We use mostly Quadcopters for aerial media which have four rotor blades, they have a nice balance of lift to weight ratio and are very efficient to operate. The media likes to call all these drones so ok we can call it that too.

How high can the remote helicopter drone fly? How far?

For safety reasons we fly at a max altitude of about 400 feet and a max horizontal distance of a few thousand feet. It is very important the drone is always within line of sight.

What if the weather is bad the day of my shoot?

We will be glad to reschedule your shoot for another day subject to availability.


Do you offer in house video and photo editing?

Yes to both. For customers who want a complete aerial video package from A- to Z we can handle that as well.

Is the camera system smooth filming?

Yes films smooth with no vibrations.

Do you need a license to fly?

Yes Part 107 license for drones and pilots license for a manned helicopter.

Can you fly indoors?

Yes we can fly indoors provided there is enough room for safe operation.

How close can you fly to subjects?

We can operate safely about 5-10 feet of an actor or subject in optimum location and wind conditions.

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