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Drone Inspections

Drone Aerial Inspections

We'll Inspect Anything Requiring Aerial Video or Still Photography Via Remote Drone

Drone Aerial Inspections is a cost effective alternative to inspect hard to reach or risky high locations without putting at risk a human crew.  We have the ability to take hundreds of pictures at high resolution and stick them to give you a highly detailed image of any hard to reach area. We can also shoot video in high 4K resolution of moving parts and identify any potential damage. This will allow you to asses risks, inspect damages and resolve problems quickly. Drone video and photography is a much faster and inexpensive way to visually inspect than by any other means


We offer inspection on anything requiring aerial video or still photo in the Miami area.


  • Insurance companies to inspect damage
  • Roof top damage Inspection
  • Crane Inspection
  • Solar Panel Inspection
  • Cell Tower Inspection
  • Hurricane or Storm Damage Survey
  • Building Facade UAV Inspection
  • Smoke Stack Inspection
  • Power Line Aerial Inspection
  • Bridge Aerial Inspection
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